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A premium writing tool. Masterfully engineered to defy gravity. Beautifully designed to provoke curiosity.


Hi there, we’re a design co. called Shanpo, and we’re excited to bring to you our latest invention:



Hoverpen is the world’s first self standing, gravity defying, curiosity provoking pen.
It is the perfect conversation piece for any desk.

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The Embodiment of Minimalist Design

We like to think of it as a sophisticated, functional, and modern take on the classic Newton’s cradle.
— Shanpo Design Team



1. Precision Engineering

As a team of designers and engineers who take pride in their work, we were meticulously about every single aspect of the design to bring you the Hoverpen.

2. Magnetic Repulsion Technology

Four strong magnets invisibly integrated into the pedestal works together to apply a balanced polarizing force to allow the Hoverpen to stand on its own. It’s almost like magic.

3. Minimalist Design

Taking inspiration from some of the best minimalist designers out there, we’ve created a simple yet sophisticated look and feel to the pen. Pleasing the eye and your fingertips.

4. Ink Cartridge Compatibility

The end of each Hoverpen twists off, allowing convenient access for when it comes time replacing the ink.

5. Smooth Ink Flow

Each Hoverpen comes with a fine 0.8MM black ink Swiss-made tungsten carbide ball point pen for a smooth writing experience.

6. Space-Grade Materials

With the pedestal made from zinc alloy and the pen available in space-grade aluminum and titanium, the Hoverpen will last you a lifetime.

7. Quality Controlled

Each Hoverpen set goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure you get a high-quality product clear of defects.


The Paragon of Precision

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The Epitome of Sophistication